Play excites our big beautiful brains to create pathways for new learning experiences.

Updated: Jan 5

In the lull of the mid-winter season, MidWest memories fill my head with snow-filled days, frigid temperatures, and outdoor play of ice skating and hockey on the big Mississippi River. When I lived

in Minnesota from 2005-2016. we went retro style and built our own outdoor skating rink on the big ole’ Mississippi River, as we had amazing access to an inlet bay that our home was situated on in Brownsville, MN.

Please note, this is also a small rural riverfront town with a population of 517, so life was interesting with limited access to resources, yet we always found ways to create memorable learning experiences for our family. To heighten these authentic learning experiences with my children, we strung and attached twinkly lights onto the outdoor skating rink, so our entire family and the kids’ friends could skate at night. Oh….. those were the days and the memories we made were priceless.